Former President of CNU and Professor from the School of History, CNU Liu Xincheng Won First Prize of Ri Zhi World History Prize

On April 9, the 3rd Award Ceremony of the Ri Zhi World History Prize (funded and founded by Northeast Normal University and named after Lin Zhichun (pen name Ri Zhi)) & the High-end Forum on the Development of Chinese World History was held in Beijing. At the award ceremony, Liu Xincheng, vice chairman of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), former president of CNU and professor from the School of History, CNU, won the only first prize of the Ri Zhi World History Prize for his monograph  A Study in the Parliament of England (1485-1603) . This was the first time a world history scholar fro CNU won this grand honor.

A Study in the Parliament of England (1485-1603)  has been recognized as an everlasting masterpiece. From its publication in 1995 to its republication in 2016 with 100,000 more words added, it has been the only monograph on the Tudor Parliament in the Chinese historical circle and is regarded as a pioneering academic achievement in the research of the Tudor Parliament. With detailed information, rigorous argumentation and thorough analysis, the book is a masterpiece among Chinese studies on Western European history in clarifying historical facts. It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to know more about the modern West and modern England.

The Ri Zhi World History Prize is the first national professional academic prize in world history research approved by the Ministry of Education in China. It was named after the late Lin Zhichun (pen name Ri Zhi), a famous Chinese historian, educator and honorary professor of Northeast Normal University. The prize is held every 5 years. The Management Committee of the Ri Zhi Special Fund of Northeast Normal University will invite famous Chinese world history experts to form an evaluation committee and select the best works of world history studies. The prize aims to carry forward Lin Zhichun’s dedication to studies, encourage world history scholars to devote themselves to studies, and lead the construction of the world history discipline in China.

(April 11, 2023)