International Admission

1. Overview

Capital Normal University (CNU) offers 56 Bachelor’s Programs, 147 Master’s Programs and 97 Doctoral Programs. All programs are open to qualified foreign applicants.

As 1 of 27 academic institutes in CNU, College of International Education (CIE) offers 3 programs on Chinese Language, including Master’s program, Bachelor’s program and Chinese language training program. With outstanding faculties and advanced facilities, CNU provides students with favorable learning and living environment.

2. Application Schedule

(1) The application deadline for the Chinese language training program is 30 Mar. for spring semester. For the fall semester is 30 Sep.
Applicants should apply at least 2 months before the application deadline. The International Student Office will issue and send JW202 form (Visa Application Form for Study in China) and Admission Notice within 2 weeks.

(2) Applicants for the bachelor’s program of Chinese Language need apply before the registration day which is usually in the end of February or August.

(3) Applicants for master’s program of Chinese Language need apply before 31 Dec. for the spring semester (next year) or before 15 Jun. for the fall semester.

(4) Applicants for bachelor’s program, master’s program or doctoral program of other majors need apply before 1 May to take the entrance exam or interview.


3. Application Procedure

The applicant shall complete the following 3 steps before the application deadline. 
Step 1: Download and Fill the Application Form (click here)
Please fill the form in Chinese or English.

Step 2: Submit Application Documents
Submit the application documents listed in Section 4 to International Students Office of CNU by one of the following ways (Application documents will not be returned):
(1) Submit in person or by others
(2) Post mail
(3) Send the scanned documents by email to
Please attach all documents in one email and check your email regularly.

Step 3:  Pay the Application Fee
After application documents are received by ISO of CNU, self-financed applicant should pay application fee with bank card on-line.
Online payment system: 
Or you may pay in person with cash. Check or wire transfer through banks is NOT acceptable.

4. Application Requirement



Application Documents


Chinese Language Training Program

Under 60

1. Application form
2. High school diploma
3. Valid ordinary passport

1. Application documents can be copies but must be in Chinese or English. If they are in other languages, please provide the notarized copies in Chinese or English.


2. Applicant under 18 need submit the guarantee letter of the guardian.


3. Transferred student need submit a recommendation letter issued by the International Students Office of the former university with their contact information.

Chinese Language Bachelor's Degree Program

Under 40

1. Application form
2. High school diploma & transcript
3. Valid ordinary passport
4. HSK grade 3 (or Chinese proficiency has the equivalent level)

Other Bachelor's Degree Programs

1. Application form
2. High school diploma & transcript
3. Valid ordinary passport
4. HSK 5 (or Chinese proficiency has the equivalent level)

Master's Degree programs

1. Application form
2. Bachelor diploma, Graduation certificate & Transcript
3. Valid ordinary passport
4. HSK 5 transcript
5. 2 recommendation letters from 2 professors
6. Study plan

Doctoral Degree Programs

Under 45

1. Application form
2. Master diploma, Graduation certificate & Transcript
3. Valid ordinary passport
4. HSK 5
5. 2 recommendation letters from 2 professors
6. Study plan

1.Chinese Language Training Program can accept both long-term (at least 1 semester) and short-term students (join the long-term class). 
2.There are two directions for undergraduate of Chinese Language from the 3rd grade: 1). Chinese language. 2) International trade.

5. Review and Admission Notice

ISO is responsible for reviewing all the application documents and sending JW202 Form and Admission Notice to qualified applicants.

6. Visa Application and Registration

Admitted students shall bring their ordinary Passport, Admission Notice, JW202 form and the other required documents to the Embassy or Consulate of the People's Republic of China to apply for a student visa.
The students shall come to ISO of CNU for enrollment registration on time. The registration date is indicated on the Admission Notice.


7. Costs (RMB Yuan)
    Long-term students



Application Fee


Chinese language training program (non-degree)



Chinese Language (undergraduate)


Other bachelor’s programs

Humanities: 11,800

Science: 13,800

Art: 14,500

Master’s programs


Humanities: 13,800

Science: 15,800

Art: 16,000

Doctoral programs

Humanities: 15,800

Science: 16,800

Art: 17,500


    Short-term students

Length of study

Application fee

Tuition (excluding textbooks)

One week



Two weeks


Three weeks


Four weeks


Longer than four weeks

800 for each extra week

Activity Fee

according to the requirements of each group



International students are required to buy foreign nationals comprehensive insurance in China: 400RMB for one semester or 800RMB for one year.
Accommodation: (RMB/person/per night)
The international student dormitory building has Chinese restaurant, Japanese restaurant, cafe, store, bookstore, laundry room, public kitchen, indoor swimming pool etc. The dormitory has private bathroom, TV, computer, air-conditioner, refrigerator, furniture etc.

Payment Method

Double Room

Single Room

Four-bed Room


by semester





8. Scholarships

(1) Beijing Government Scholarship
Self-supported student have a good opportunity to win “Beijing Government Scholarship”.
All freshmen of the degree-seeking programs in Capital Normal University (including bachelor, master and doctoral programs) can enjoy one year (two semesters) freshman scholarship if they are qualified. (Verified by International Student Office of CNU)
The matriculated degree-seeking students (undergraduate, master and doctoral student) have chance to win full, half or incentive scholarships. 
(2) Confucius Institute Scholarship
Confucius Institute Scholarship, established by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), provides financial aid for students, scholars and Chinese language teachers worldwide to proceed to a Master's degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL) in Chinese universities, or study in other majors such as Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese History and Chinese Philosophy.
CNU is one of the universities which are allowed by Hanban to accept "Confucius Institute Scholarship students". More information about implementing rules, award standard and application procedure, please log onto Hanban Website (
(3) Chinese Government Scholarship
CNU is authorized by Ministry of Education to accept "Chinese Government Scholarship students". For more information about implementing rules and application procedure, please consult Chinese embassy (consulate) or dispatched departments and agencies which are authorized by China Government Council and submit application at Chinese embassy (consulate) in your country.

9. Contact Information

International Students Office
Add: Address: International Student Office, College of International Education, No. 83 West Third Ring Road North, Haidian District, Beijing, 100089 China.
Tel:  +86-010-68902656 (English/Chinese);  
+86-010-68902651 (English/Chinese); 
+86-010-68901738 (Japanese/Chinese)
+86-010-68902025 (Korean/Chinese)
Website:    (College of International Education)
           (Capital Normal University)

You can follow the public account of ISO on Wechat to find more information: ISO-CNU

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