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Capital Normal University Mathematics and its Multidisciplinary Frontier Innovation Forum Look Forward to Your Attendance

  The first Frontier Innovation Forum on Mathematics and its Multidisciplinary Studies will be held in Capital Normal University (CNU) from May 31 to June 2, 2019. Focusing on basic disciplines such as mathematics and statistics, it provides a high-level platform to share cutting-edge theory and pursue cross-disciplinary innovation for outstanding young scholars domestic and abroad. Young scholars who love scientific research are enthusiastically invited to contribute to the construction of world first-class mathematics disciplines. Through this forum, CNU will vigorously recruit outstanding young scholars into our international and high-level talent team so as to develop first-class normal university.


1.Below the age of 45.

2.Holding a PhD degree from a well-known university and with research work experience overseas for over two years.

3.Showing great academic potentials and outstanding achievements on mathematics, statistics and its interdisciplinary fields.

4. Aspiring to  engage in academic research in China.


1. Deadline: May 5, 2019 

2. Please send your curriculum vitae to the official email address: to submit your application. The specified form of the email subject is “CNU Frontier Innovation Forum-Name-Affiliation”.

3. Scholars who are invited to participate the forum will receive an invitation email before May 10, 2019.


1. Meals and accommodation for invited scholars will arranged by CNU during the forum.

2. CNU will cover your expenses on flights (economy class) and high-speed train to Beijing (second class) for invited scholars.


  May 31 (Friday)

  09:00-11:30 Registration

  13:30-14:00 Forum opening ceremony, speeches by leaders and special guests

  14:30-17:00 sub-forum; 2 reports

  June 1 (Saturday)

  09:00-11:30 sub-forum; 2 reports

  14:30-17:00 sub-forum; 2 reports

  June 2 (Sunday)

  09:00-11:30 sub-forum; 2 reports

  14:00-17:00 Youth Roundtable + Campus Visit + Forum Closing Ceremony


  Yilin WANG (Academy for Multidisciplinary Studies)

  Phone: +86-10-68907463



  CNU will provide internationally competitive remuneration and welfare to create comfortable working and living environment for employed young talents, including high standard annual salary and residence subsidies, considerable research start-up funds and sufficient office space. Besides, for qualified talents, CNU will also assist your relocation issues such as spouses’ work and children's enrolment in schools.

About Capital Normal University (CNU)

  Capital Normal University (CNU) was founded in 1954. Being a national “Double-First Class” university and “Province-Ministry Co-sponsored” (Beijing and the Education Ministry) university, CNU provides various disciplines including literature, science, engineering, management, law, education, foreign language and art. For over 60 years, CNU has cultivated more than 200 thousand talents specialized in different fields and has been a significant talent-training base of Beijing.

  Presently, the CNU runs 17 primary disciplines which confer doctoral degrees, 101 doctoral programs, 16 postdoctoral research centers, 26 primary disciplines which confer master degrees and 141 master programs, 14 professional degrees. There are 31 colleges, 2 research departments and 100 research institutes (centers) in CNU. The total number of students at CNU is 31,559. CNU has formed a multi-dimensional and multi-level operational structure and teaching system covering it all right from the junior college education to undergraduates, masters, Ph. D.s, and post-doctorates, from full-time education to adult education and international education.

  A number of influential and famous scholars lend their expertise to CNU. At present, the university already has a group of experts and scholars who have certain influence national and abroad. There are 7 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 academician of the Russian Academy of Engineering, 1 academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, and 4 members of the Academic Evaluation Committee of the State Council. There are 11 members of Discipline Teaching Instruction Committee of the Ministry of Education, 10 professionals selected by the “10,000 Talent Plan” as the leading talent for the first “Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Project”, 2 professionals selected by “10,000 Talent Plan” of The Organizing Department of CCCPC for Young Top Talent Cultivation Program, and 12 scholars supported by the National Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, etc. Also, 64 CNU teachers have been recipients of the Zeng Xianzi Teaching Award and the Henry Fok Young Teacher Teaching and Research Award.

  CNU has excellent teaching and research environment and CNU library which stores 1,291,800 books represents one of the national key libraries for documentary reference, which provide sufficient teaching and research conditions for teachers and students.

  In the future, CNU aims for creative and progressive strides towards being a special and excellent normal university.

About School of Mathematical Sciences 

  Mathematics at Capital Normal University is one of the earliest established disciplines. In September 2017, the national “Double First-class” construction list was announced, and Capital Normal University entered the list, and Mathematics entered the list of world-class construction disciplines. Among the 14 universities in the country that have entered the list of first-class disciplines in mathematics, CNU is the only university sponsored by local government.

  There are 92 teachers in School of Mathematical Sciences, including 41 professors, 39 associate professors and 12 lecturers. They have already formed a highly educated and rigorous research team  with 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 leading talent in the “10,000 Plan”, 6 professors supported by Chang Jiang Scholars Program, 7 scholars supported by the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, 1 professor listed in The Recruitment Program of Global Experts, 1 professor listed in Young Overseas High-level Talents Recruitment Plan, 5 professionals selected by national “Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Project”, 1 member of the discipline review group of the Statistics Academic Degree Commission of the State Council, and 1 member of Statistics Teaching Instruction Committee of the Ministry of Education, etc.

In recent years, scholars in School of Mathematical Sciences have hosted a number of national-level key programs and major research projects. Besides, important achievements with international influence have obtained. Three papers have been consecutively published on Acta Mathematica and Annals of Mathematics.; Two scholars were the invited speakers of the International Congress of Mathematicians; 1 scholar received second class of National Natural Science Awards.; and 1 scholar won the second class of the National Science and Technology Progress Awards. Since 2008, researchers in School of Mathematical Sciences successively received 7 key programs and major research projects which are supported Ministry of Education of China, Ministry of Science and Technology and NSFC. Especially, in 2018, 1 Science Fund for Creative Research Groups was newly approved by NSFC, 1 scholar supported by the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, and 1 project was funded by NSFC for Major Research Instrument Development. The budget of the latest programs and projects approved by national fund is over 20 million.


About Academy for Multidisciplinary Studies (AMS)

  The development of frontier science and the accomplishment of major scientific and technological achievements are increasingly dependent on the intersection and integration of multiple fields. In order to accelerate the construction of first-class disciplines and promote the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of basic subjects’ research, Capital Normal University established Academy for Multidisciplinary Studies (AMS) in 2018. Focusing on building a world-class mathematics discipline group, AMS aim to construct a special talent zone and special subjects zone which integrates talents cultivation, scientific research, and social services.

  Upholding the principle of “building a first-class cross-disciplinary research platform, cultivating first-class cross-disciplinary researchers, and producing first-class cross-disciplinary achievements”, AMS strives to achieve major original theoretical innovations in the fields of mathematics and statistics under the diversified innovation systems and mechanisms. Facing the major need of Beijing and even our country, AMS will build an innovative platform with great international influence in the field of interdisciplinary research such as artificial intelligence, big data, etc. Also, AMS will produce a number of advanced original theoretical achievements, and achieve the subversive key technologies in related industries, then provide guidance and demonstration for the school's overall discipline construction.

   As the hub of university’s discipline construction, the experimental field of innovative talents cultivation, and the incubator of academic leader and innovation team, AMS shoulders the responsibility of reserving high-level teachers for CNU. Through the dual-employment, full-time employment and part-time work for high-caliber talent, AMS will combine the “3+3” tenure-track to attract outstanding young and middle-aged scientists to work at CNU. AMS will establish a team of 30-40 people as soon as possible in accordance with world-class discipline construction standards, and gradually expand the scale to 60-80 people. We are looking forward to the outstanding talents who are to contribute to China and interested in science to join us.