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2019 International Young Scholar Forum of Geography, Capital Normal University

      1.About the Forum

  The Forum aims to improve domestic and overseas young scholars’ understanding about the geography and related disciplines of Capital Normal University through academic reports, seminars and visits, and promote in-depth academic exchanges and cooperation among young scholars. Facing the grand blueprint for the construction of first-class disciplines, first-class majors and first-class platforms, the College of Resource, Environment and Tourism (CRET) invites global talents to join and make a win-win development.

  Time: December 4, 2019

  Venue: Capital Normal University, 105 West Third Ring Road North, Beijing, China

  2.Qualifications required

  (1)Applicants should have the academic competence equivalent to China national young talent programs; or they are excellent talents with corresponding potentials in first-class universities.

  (2)Applicants should be no more than 40 years old and hold a doctoral degree from a well-known domestic or overseas university, and should have an overseas research experience of 2 consecutive years or more and have formal teaching or research positions in a well-known overseas university or research institution. Or they have made outstanding academic achievements and have great development potential or influence in their disciplines, related fields and industries. For young scholars who are particularly excellent or have great potential, the application may not be subject to the above conditions.

  (3)The application from foreign teaching and research personnel in famous overseas universities who can work full-time in Capital Normal University is not subject to the age restriction.

  (4)Research Fields: Remote sensing (including geodetic surveys), geographic information systems, hydrogeology (including land subsidence, groundwater, underground space), hydrology and water resources, physical geography, human geography, environmental science and engineering, tourism management, and other directions related to geography.


  CRET will provide competitive remuneration and benefits, first-rate platform support, sufficient development space and complete working and living conditions, including high standard annual salary and housing

  subsidies, sufficient research start-up funds and office/lab space, and coordination of children’s enrollment in high-quality schools for pre-school age education and compulsory education.

  4.Travel Expenses

  CRET will book and cover international round-trip economy-class airfare (cost-based reimbursement with no more than 5,000 yuan will be provided for domestic flights) and domestic accommodation for invitees. CRET will arrange working lunch and dinner during the forum.

  5.Registration procedure

  Please get registered by November 5, 2019, and send curriculum vitae to Please title the email in the form of the Scholar's Name + International Young Scholar Forum.

  CRET will organize experts to conduct qualification examination and academic competence evaluation upon the registered scholars before November 7, 2019.

  CRET will send the letter of invitation to the invitees before November 8, 2019.

  More information about Capital Normal University can be found at: