Ambassador Sun Yuxi Lectured CNU’s Teachers and Students at Invitation2021-11-11

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  On the afternoon of October 21, Sun Yuxi, former Chinese Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Poland, Italy, India and Afghanistan, was invited to deliver the 12th lecture of the “Talk about Diplomacy with Ambassadors” Lecture to CNU’s teachers and students. Li Xiaojuan, vice president of CNU, and other leaders of CNU attended the event.

  Before the lecture, CNU’s leaders had a discussion with Ambassador Sun Yuxi. After the discussion, Ambassador Sun Yuxi gave a lecture titled Xi Jinping’s Major-Country Diplomacy in the New Era to CNU’s teachers and students. He explained Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy to CNU’s teachers and students on its historical view, overall situation view and role view from 3 aspects, namely observing the world to promote China’s image, big changes unseen in the last 100 years, and the Sino-US game, and analyzed how China’s power rose to the center of the world stage in a world featuring unreasonable international political order, revolutionary changes in science and technology and the COVID-19 crisis. He also recalled diplomatic events he had personally experienced. Through typical cases and detailed explanation, CNU’s teachers and students were deeply impressed by the firm determination of China’s diplomats to defend the territorial sovereignty of their motherland and the calm and polite manner of China’s diplomats in the face of severe challenges. Ambassador Sun Yuxi’s lecture, with a clear theme and profound connotation, helped CNU’s teachers and students gain a deeper understanding of Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy.