Professor Liu Wenfei of the College of Foreign Language Presented the Medal “Order of Friendship” by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin2015-11-09

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On November 4, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin held the awarding ceremony at the Kremlin, presenting 10 foreign nationals with national medals. Liu Wenfei, the president of the China Association of Russian Literature Research, the Chinese famous scholar and translator of Russian literature and the professor of the CNU College of Foreign Language, was presented the medal “Order of Friendship” by President of Russia, Putin. Together with the medal, there were a medal certificate and the presidential decree. Professor Liu Wenfei gifted President Putin his translated book “ Selected Poems of Pushkin ”.


The “Order of Friendship” is designed for rewarding foreign nationals whose work, endeavors and efforts were aimed at the betterment of relations with the Russian Federation and its people and is regarded as one of highest state decorations of Russia.


The Russia TV, the Radio Russia, the CCTV and many other media covered this story.