CNU Was Approved as National Language Promotion Base2021-10-27

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  Recently, the State Language Work Committee announced the second group of national language promotion bases, including CNU and 61 other colleges and units. CNU was approved as an education and training base.

  The base will, with the School of Literature as the main implementation unit, cooperate with over 10 related units, including the College of Teacher Education, the College of Elementary Education, the College of Chinese Traditional Culture Education, the College of International Education, the School of Continuing Education, Jingjiang College, the Research Institute of the Culture of Calligraphy of China, the Research Center for Language Intelligence of China, the Research Center for Oracle Bone Inscriptions, the Research Institute of Chinese Language Industry, the Research Center of Language Governance, the Research Center of Chinese Poetry and the Beijing Chinese Language Testing Center, gather CNU’s resources in language teaching and research, and take language teaching and research as a systematic project. The base will gather all the strength of CNU, focus on the education and training of national common language teachers and the research, development and promotion of language teaching resources, take serving for the capital and radiating both domestic and foreign regions as the main task, and build a cutting-edge and practical national language promotion base with prominent education and training capacities.