The Research Center of Foreign Poetry of CNU Was Officially Established2021-10-21

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  On June 26, the inaugural meeting of the Research Center of Foreign Poetry of CNU was held in Beijing. More than 20 distinguished poets, translators and scholars, such as Jidi Majia, vice chairman of the Chinese Writers Association and Meng Fanhua, president of CNU, attended the meeting.

  Meng Fanhua said in his speech, “Poetry is the essence of literature. It directly connects with the human heart, but also carries the voice of the times. Since its birth, China’s new poetry has faced hardships with the people, sought enlightenment and rebirth, and ushered in the bright prospect of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Today, the translation and study of foreign poetry is an important field in China’s humanities, which has a profound tradition and should have a more brilliant future.”

  Jidi Majia said in his speech, “The occurrence and development of China’s modern poetry are closely related to the translation and influence of foreign poetry. Under this background, the Research Center of Foreign Poetry of CNU was established to unite domestic famous translators and experts and scholars engaged in the research on foreign poetry. It will further promote the exchange of Chinese and foreign poetry translation, promote mutual learning and communication among different cultures and civilizations.”

  Later, Jidi Majia and Meng Fanhua jointly unveiled the bronze plaque of the Research Center of Foreign Poetry, and Meng Fanhua presented Jidi Majia with the certificate for general consultant of the Research Center of Foreign Poetry.