CNU’s PIE Team Won Non-Class-A Champion in Shanxi Station of RMUL2021-05-14

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  The competition in Shanxi station of RoboMaster University League (RMUL) was concluded recently. As a team firstly participating in the offline competition of RoboMaster, CNU’s PIE Team has continuously accumulated experience and optimized tactics in 28 competitions in three days, and fought its way through. But in the end, it lost to Taiyuan University of Technology in Shanxi and won the third place in 3V3 and 1V1 competitions. RMUL adopts cross-competition between Class-A teams and non-Class-A teams and separate ranking. Finally, CNU won the non-Class-A champion and the first prize. In May, PIE will continue to compete in the RoboMaster University Technical Challenge and then fight in the national finals.

  RoboMaster is hosted by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, and sponsored and organized by DJI. It has been listed in the national university discipline competitions of the Ministry of Education. It is a robot science and technology innovation platform specially created for young engineers. As the first robot competition of fierce battle in the world, RoboMaster has attracted much attention of hundreds of universities, nearly 1,000 high-tech companies and tens of thousands of technology lovers nationwide with its subversive competition mode, stunning audio-visual effect and fierce and tough competition style.