Scientific Research Achievement of the College of Education Has Been Recognized and Adopted by Relevant Departments of the Ministry of Education2021-05-10

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  Recently, the research team led by Zhang Qian, associate professor of the College of Education, on behalf of CNU, accepted the commission of relevant departments of the Ministry of Education and went to the National Research Center for Bullying Prevention and Control[BL1]  in Norway for field investigation and thematic research on the comprehensive control of school bullying. After the successful completion of the field research, Zhang Qian, as the team leader of the program, submitted the research report titled How to Realize Comprehensive Control of School Bullying-An Exploration of Norway, the Birthplace of Modern School Bullying Research to the Ministry of Education. This report provides reference for the Basic Education Division of the Ministry of Education in formulating the Work Plan of the Special Action on Preventing Bullying among Primary and Secondary School Students ([2021] Jiao Ji Ting Han No. 5 ). The Basic Education Division of the Ministry of Education fully affirms the academic value of this achievement and sends an adoption certificate for this achievement to CNU via an official letter.

  In recent years, the College of Education has actively encouraged CNU’s teachers to promote education reform and development in Beijing and China with high-level scientific research achievements, help build a high-end think tank platform for education discipline, and actively participate in the policy-making of Beijing and China, which have been recognized by relevant authorities. This also fully reflects the international research vision and the theoretical sensitivity to new issues in education practices of research teams of the College of Education. In particular, it demonstrates their academic responsibility and social responsibility of providing policy advice based on major practical problems in education reform and development in the world, thus further reflecting the academic strength and professional influence of CNU’s education discipline.