School of Mathematical Sciences won first prize in ROBOWORK in 20202021-04-09

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  Team Yaoguang of the School of Mathematical Sciences won the first prize in the 2020 China ROBOWORK “Optoelectronic Automobile Model of Handling Engineering Project" a couple of days ago.

  The 2020 China ROBOWORK was held online from Oct. 15 to Nov. 15. Organized by the Committee for Teaching Innovative Methods in Higher Education Institutions of the Ministry of Education and other organizations, the competition was first launched in 2011, and now it has formed robot science and technology competitions including handling engineering, athletic engineering, racing engineering, medical engineering, off-road engineering, engineering innovative design, etc., emphasizing innovative practices and having certain influence domestically and internationally.

  The practical teaching of AI in the College has great achievements in recent years. Under the guidance of instructors, students has taken full advantage of their imagination and creativity, providing eye-opening knowledge for students, erecting a growth platform and space for undergraduates who aspire to make a difference in the interdisciplinary field (AI applications).