Beijing National Applied Mathematics Center formally inaugurated2021-04-09

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  On the afternoon of December 26, Beijing National Applied Mathematics Center was officially inaugurated, which is one of the first 13 national applied mathematics centers supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Under the support and guidance of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the Center is a national-level interdisciplinary research platform between mathematics and industrial development led by CNU, in association with the Beijing Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, the Institute of Mathematics and System Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as well as more than ten representative enterprises and institutions in this field.

  Beijing National Center for Applied Mathematics will organize matchmaking activities for mathematicians and entrepreneurs and form a mechanism to serve the demand. It will focus on mathematical theory in imaging technology, mathematical interpretation of artificial intelligence, modeling simulation and optimization, big data analysis and data mining, etc., translate and solve mathematical problems in the major industrial development in Beijing, and build a platform for high-level applied mathematics research and mathematical application research, training mathematical talents and carrying out application exchanges.