International students made gratifying achievements in the “Beijing and I” essay contest 2021-04-08

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  The 2020 essay contest “Beijing and I” for international students in Beijing was held a couple of days ago, in which 41international students of CNU participated, among whom Aileen from Italy won the first prize, preppy Huihuang Liu won the second price, another four won the third price and 14 won honorable mention award.

  The essay contest “Beijing and I” was sponsored by BPAFFC (Beijing People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries), Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality and Information Office of Beijing Municipality every other year. The 2020 contest was the fifth.

  International Culture College attaches great importance to the cultural teaching and practice of the international students, having formulated a systematic plan for the cultural education project. These award-winning works reveal international students’ adoration for Beijing and the school and their understanding and recognition of Chinese culture, fully demonstrating CNU's  high standards in Chinese teaching and cultural communication.