Researchers of the College of Life Sciences of CNU publishes an important research paper on The Plant Cell2021-04-08

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  Yuliang Liu’s research team of the School of Life Sciences of CNU published a research paper on the top journal in biology, The Plant Cell (online) on January 4, with CNU as the first affiliation. The research paper is entitled "Photoperiod-responsive changes in chromatin accessibility in phloem companion and epidermis cells of Arabidopsis leaves". Its joint first authors were Hao Tian, Yuru Li, Ce Wang and Xingwen Xu, and the corresponding authors were Associate Prof. Yuliang Liu and Zefu Lu, a researcher from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, with great support and assistance from Prof. Lemei Li from CNU, and Yongfu Fu, a researcher from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Franziska Turck, a researcher from the Max Planck Institute in Germany.

  This research reveals the specific changes of chromatin structure in the photoperiod signal pathway and the key role that vascular tissue plays in the reproductive transformation of plants, and the research is funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), the Beijing High-Level Talents Program, the Beijing Top-notch Talents Training Program, the CNU High-level Talents Program and the Youth Innovation Team, etc.