Teachers of the Physics Department of CNU publish a research paper on ACS Nano2021-04-07

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  Doinglin Ma and Menglei Li, both lecturers of the Department of Physics of CNU, published a research paper on ACS Nano (online) on January 26. The paper is entitled "Lattice-Matched Metal-Semiconductor Heterointerface in Monolayer Cu2Te" with CNU as the first affiliation. Its joint first authors were Jingqi Feng, an undergraduate student, Huiying Gao and Tian Li, graduate students from the Department of Physics of CNU. Doinglin Ma, Menglei Li and Prof. Lin He from Beijing Normal University (BNU) were corresponding authors.

  Ma’s research group synthesized monolayer stoichiometric Cu2Te crystals by means of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and mechanical exfoliation technique. The controllable synthesis and characterization of 1T-phase Cu2Te monolayer have been reported for the first time, which shows the potential application of monolayer Cu2Te crystals in new models of two-dimensional electronic devices.

  Link to the paper: