Researchers of the Chemistry Department publish a research paper on Nature Communications in collaboration with foreign researchers2021-03-31

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  Prof. Qing Liao and Prof. Hongbing Fu, from the Department of Chemistry, published a research paper on Nature Communications (online) a couple of days ago. The paper is entitled Nontrivial Band Geometry in an Optically Active System.

  The research is about an innovative design of organic micro-monocrystal optical cavities, in which the microcavity photons opened the Dirac conical point at a specific location in the photonic band  under the impact of the equivalent gauge field. The theoretical research reveals that there exist locally-nontrivial positive and negative topology energy valleys in organic optical cavities, which marks the first direct experimental finding of Berry curvature and quantum metric in organic microcrystal microcavity. After its publication, the research paper was made a candidate for the China’s Top Ten Optical Breakthroughs for 2021.

  The research project was a Sino-foreign joint project with CNU as the first affiliation. The corresponding authors were Prof. Qing Liao and Prof. Hongbing Fu from CNU (Capital Normal University), Prof. Feng Li from Xi'an Jiaotong University, and Prof. D. Solnyshkov from Claremont University in France being its corresponding authors. Dr. Jiahuan Ren, a PhD student from the Department of Chemistry of CNU, was its first author. The project was under the support of National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Key Research and Development Program, Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Imaging University, Interdisciplinary Research Institute of Capital Normal University, and Interdisciplinary Studies of Graduate School. It's deemed as an advancement of the international cooperation of the CNU Chemistry Department.

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