Themed Salon Diversity and Common Concern of Asian Education - Sub-Forum of Conference on Asian Civilization Dialogue Has Been Hosted at Our University2019-05-28

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  In the afternoon of May 16th, Themed Salon - Diversity and Common Concern of Asian Education has been successfully hosted at Conference Hall in Laboratory Building. Over 120 people attended this salon, including academics from national and international universities and researching organizations, and CNU tutors and students from related departments. Director HAN Mei, of Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges hosted the Salon. 

  In the Opening Ceremony, Principle Meng indicated that Asian Education is a critical means to spread Asian wisdoms and values, which requires finding common ground and maintaining harmony in diversity

  The Salon was divided into two units. They have the themes around “the core identity of Asian Education and globalization - traditions, diversity and creations in Asian Education” and “innovation and education of Asian teachers’ education”. Professors from international universities spoke, chatted and commented in the Salon. They had met many consensuses. 

  YANG Zhicheng, Vice Principal of CNU spoke on the closure.