Capital Normal University Established RNA Research Center And Invited Scientists of United States National Academy of Sciences to Work at The University2019-05-28

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  On May 13th, Room 201 of Teaching Building 1 hosted the opening ceremony of the Establishment of  RNA Research Center of CNU, which is also the Academic Seminar for scientists from United States National Academy of Science (NAS). There were nearly 150 attendees, including MENG Fanhua, Principle of CNU; scientists from NAS; Director of Biological Sciences Division of NAS; Professor James Manley, Scientist of American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS); scientists from AAAS; Prof.Carol Prives, Scientist of AAAS; etc.

  Principle Meng firstly spoke and read out Notification of The Establishment of RNA Research Center at Capital Normal University. He further explained that the Research Center invited Professor Manley to be the Director, who is also a scientist as well as  Director of Biological Sciences Division, NAS. He hopes that there would be more and more exchange and cooperation happening, so to constantly improve the comprehensive strength and internationalization of their disciplines. Prof. Manley hopes that he could make more high-level academic breakthroughs at the RNA Research Center.

  After that, Principle Meng and Prof. Manley signed an Employment Contract, and Principle Meng issued a certification to Prof. Manley. They unveiled together for the Research Center. Prof. Carol Prives and Prof. James Manley presented separately.