Mike Y.K Guu, Ph.D, Principle of National Pingtung University, Taiwan And The Delegation Visited Our Campus2019-05-28

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  On May 8th, Mike Y.K Guu, Ph.D, Principle of National Pingtung University, Taiwan, and the delegation visited CNU. MENG Fanhua, our Principle, met the delegation; and two universities renewed their cooperation agreement. 

  During the meeting, Principle Meng briefed the development of CNU since it had been selected as "Double-First Class" University since 2017. Principle Meng pointed out that the University will cultivate more outstanding teaching resources and strengthen the discipline construction. Our University has been paying great attention on the cooperation with National Pingtung University; these two universities trust and support each other in their long-term collaboration, so helped to build a solid and effective collaboration. The two universities are hoping to maintain the efficient and collaborative relationship of partnership.

  Principle Gu appreciated our warm welcoming. He always hoped to have the opportunity to visit Capital Normal University, and his wish finally came true. The two universities had set up similar subjects and similar values. National Pingtung University appreciated this visit as an opportunity to lead the collaboration to a new stage. Principle Gu believed two universities can establish a wider and deeper collaborative relationship.