Volunteers from Our University Have Successfully Provided Services to The Second "Belt and Road" Forum for International Cooperation2019-05-28

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  From April 25th to 27th, the Second “ Belt and Road” Forum for  International Cooperation was held in Beijing. There are nearly 5,000 international guests from over 150 countries and over 90 international organizations attended the Forum. The selection of highly capable volunteers to serve the Forum had began since December 2018.

  On April 20th, our volunteers officially took place at Registration Center and became one of the first volunteer groups in Beijing city. Volunteers from our University served on seven positions at entrance to guide guests, confirm identities, issue ID card, registrate on-site, pack for the conference, technical support and On-call personals. They have been praised by the Forum organizers due  to  their high-level services, which had also been broadcasted on news. The volunteer work was also received caring from superior leaders.