Azerbaijan’s Minister of Education And The Delegation Visited Our University2019-05-28

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  In the afternoon of April 25th, Azerbaijan’s Minister of Education - Jeyhun Bayramov and the delegation visited CNU, leaders from Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges (Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs), Ministry of Education and MENG Fanhua, Principle of CNU attended the meeting. 

  MENG Fanrong outlined the development of CNU as well as featured disciplines and outstanding tutors. Director of Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges - HAN Mei responded regulations of the cultivation of Chinese language teachers and scholarships for international students, in which areas arise Azerbaijan’s attention. TIAN Guoxiu, ZHANG Zhikun, LI Li and other staff members also introduced our University's cultivation of teachers from early childhood to high school educations.

  Jeyhun Bayramov indicated that Azerbaijan is practicing Chinese language teaching in its primary and high schools. He also hopes that CNU can cultivate more Chinese language teachers for his country. It will help universities in two nations connect tightly, so to develop together based on the foundation of benefiting mutually.