Delegation of Department of Education, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, Korea Visited (Capital Normal University).2019-05-28

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  In the afternoon of March 20th, a group of six people, including LI Jingxi, Deputy Superintendent of Office of Education, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province visited CNU. LI XiaoJuan, Vice Principle, and other school leaders met the delegates. 

  LI Xiaojuan introduced University’s history, teaching resource, featured disciplines, social service, etc.  LIU Xiaotian, Director of College of International Education, shared information about international collaboration and communication, education of overseas students and settings of scholarships for overseas students.

  Deputy Superintendent LI Jingxi introduced the basic situation of Jeju Office of Education and expressed his gratitude for CNU providing “Scholarship for Overseas Students in Beijing” to Korean winners who are nominated by Department of Education. 

  After the meeting, the delegation of  Jeju Office of Education also met and chatted with seven students who come from Jeju.