The First Calcium Fluctuation Encoder In Plants Has Been Found By College of Life Science.2019-04-10

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  Calcium signal plays the role of a second messenger in cell. It also participates in many critical physiological processes, such as induction of environment, growth and development, and control of rhythms, in order to maintain the existence of life. Components of molecule or encoders of coded calcium signals in plant cells have been a focus for at least 30 years; however they have never discovered due to the limitations of researching method and angle. 

  After years of hard work, the research group led by Prof.LI Legong of Capital Normal University (CNU) has created a unique platform combining the technologies of plant electrophysiology and optogenetics, which has made exploring plant calcium oscillations encoder a possibility. With the collaboration with Prof.LUAN Sheng of University of California, Berkeley, Prof.Li published an article - Dynamic Interactions of Plant CNGC Subunits and Calmodulins Drive Oscillatory Ca2+ Channel Activities on an internationally famous periodical named Development Cell, which reported the first calcium oscillatory encoder in botany field. CNU is announced as the first author.