5 Year Anniversary Celebration of Konfuzius-Institut in Bremen2018-11-20

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  On November 1st, 2018, the fifth anniversary celebration of the Konfuzius-Institut Bremen (KIB) was held in the Bremen Town Hall (with a history of over 600 years). Dr. Dirk Kühling, senior official of Bremen Economy Ministry and Dr. Liu Lixin, Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in Germany were present. Hundreds of people attended the grand ceremony, including representatives from the University of Applied Sciences, Bremen, the University of Bremen, the Jacobs University, the University of Oldenburg, several Bremen and Oldenburg high school principals, citizens of Bremen, Chinese language students and parents. Professor Li Xiaojuan, Vice President of the CNU and Wang Lihua, Director of the KIB management department were also invited to the ceremony.

  Achievements of the Konfuzius-Institut Bremen in the last five years are widely recognized. Together with, primary and secondary schools and colleges in Bremen, the CNU started 235 Chinese language courses. These have attracted about 3100 undergraduate, middle-school students, pupils and local citizens to learn Chinese language. In 2017, a Confucius Classroom was set up in Gymnasium Horn, which is the fourth in Germany. Since then, Chinese language became one of the subjects in the high school graduation examination in Gymnasium Horn. Funded by the NOCFL, Konfuzius-Institut Bremen held 34 Chinese studies programs and seminars together with other colleges in Germany. During the implementation of Understanding China program, Konfuzius-Institut Bremen had invited six Chinese scholars to start “Understanding China Credit Courses” in universities in Bremen. The courses helped the college students to gain a deep understanding of China and its culture. To promote youth exchange between China and Germany, the Konfuzius-Institut Bremen organized five university students’ summer camps, and three middle school students summer/spring camps together with the CNU. In the past five years, the Konfuzius-Institut Bremen held 119 cultural events. Such events received a warm welcome from local citizens and made active contributions to promote learning Mandarin and Chinese culture.