University of Leon President Visits CNU: Mutual General Collaboration Agreement and Students Exchange Agreement Signed2018-12-13

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  On 10th December afternoon, President Juan Francisco García Marín led delegates from the University of Leon to visit CNU. The President of CNU, Meng Fanhua, Director of International Exchange & Cooperation, Han Mei welcomed them. The representatives from the College of Literature and Department of Spanish Language were present at the meeting as well.

  Meng Fanhua extended a warm welcome to the visitors with a general introduction to the CNU, its highlights and the purpose of cooperation. Marín gave a brief account of the University of Leon. Founded in 1979, the University of Leon is one of the renowned comprehensive universities in Spain. It specializes in Agriculture, Nutrition, Veterinary Sciences, Teacher Education and Discipline Education, considered among the best in the world.

  Professor Hong Bo, Deputy Dean of College of Literature said that the college could select students doing their Masters with a major in International Chinese Education to learn Spanish and later teach Chinese at the University of Leon. Students in MTCSOL with a background of minority languages are expected to have more employment competence. Dr. Yang Ling, head of Department of Spanish Language said that apart from the exchange programs, further exploring of 2+2 Dual Bachelor's Degree programme, 2+2 Bachelor+Master Dual Degree programme and 1+1+1 Dual Master's Degree programme was feasible. Marín stated that the University of Leon could also select students majoring in Life Sciences and Biotechnology to study at the CNU.

  Finally, a general collaboration agreement and students exchange agreement were signed between the CNU and the University of Leon. The visit laid a good foundation for significant cooperation between the two universities. The first group of exchange students are due to be selected in the spring semester of the coming year.