CNU Held Double First-Class Construction Promotion Meeting2021-11-03

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  On the morning of September 27, CNU held the Double First Class Construction Promotion Meeting. Leaders from relevant units, including Fang Fuquan, president of CNU and Liang Zhanjun, executive vice president of the Graduate School of CNU, attended the meeting.

  Fang Fuquan pointed out that CNU’s being listed as a national double first-class (first-class universities and disciplines) construction school was a major milestone in CNU’s development history, and, as one of CNU’s core tasks, double first-class construction was the fundamental guarantee to promote CNU’s comprehensive strength and achieve leap-forward improvement. He stressed that in the next stage of double first-class construction, first of all, CNU should attach great importance to this task and improve political stance. Every member of CNU should further focus on the overall situation and foster the same mindset so as to speed up double first-class construction in CNU. Secondly, we should make overall plans and push them forward as a whole. Double first-class construction of CNU should be closely coordinated with its 14th Five-Year Plan and Climbing Plan, and should be scientifically planned and prospectively arranged to realize the overall improvement of disciplinary construction. Besides, we should know the correct direction and tell the story of CNU well. Guided by the development of the capital, we should firmly grasp the educational orientation of CNU, that is, serving for teacher education and training, draw the blueprint for the development of CNU in the new stage, produce first-class results and realize leap-forward improvement. As double first-class construction involved all aspects of CNU, he asked all the departments to focus on CNU’s development, cooperate, take practical actions, and comprehensively promote double first-class construction.

  This year marks the centenary of the founding of the CPC and the beginning of the 14th Five-year Plan. Based on the new development stage and centering on double first-class construction, CNU will further build consensus, aim at its goal, define the main direction, implement 3 major strategies, strive to achieve the goal of becoming one of the top normal universities in China, and speed up the construction of a world-class normal university with Chinese characteristics.