Professor and Her Team from the Department of Chemistry Published Paper in Advanced Materials, Top International Journal on Materials Scienc2021-11-05

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  Recently, Professor Zhou Jing from the Department of Chemistry of CNU published a paper titled Customized Photothermal Therapy of Subcutaneous Orthotopic Cancer by Multichannel Luminescent Nanocomposites with other members in Advanced Materials (2020 IF: 30.849), a top international journal on materials science.

  In view of the unstable effect of tumor microenvironment responsive photothermal therapy, this research proposed to use customized photothermal therapy to reduce the impact of individual differences on treatment effect. Based on the work of Professor Zhou Jing’s team in multichannel rare earth nanocomposites (Accounts of Materials Research, 2020, 1, 225), this team constructed a multichannel rare earth nanocomposite with multiple orthogonal fluorescence for the first time and used this composite to evaluate several factors affecting treatment effect. Based on this, photothermal therapy was customized for individuals to effectively reduce the risk of ineffective treatment and overtreatment caused by individual differences.

  CNU is the first signatory unit of this paper. Professor Zhou Jing from CNU and Professor Li Fuyou from the Fudan University are corresponding authors. Liu Yuxin, postgraduate student from the Department of Chemistry of CNU, is the first author. Completed by CNU, the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, the Fudan University and the Shanghai Tech University, this research fully embodies the deep multidisciplinary cooperation between the Department of Chemistry of CNU and high-level research institutions at home and abroad. It won the funding of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Beijing Natural Science Foundation, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission Excellent Young Talents and the Young Yanjing Scholars of CNU.