Distinguished Young Scholars of China

Li Hailiang2015-06-26

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Li Hailiang

Born in March of 1971, Mr. Li, a professor and expert on partial differential equation, is a recipient of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. Graduated from Math Research Institute of Chinese Science Academy as a doctorate in 1999, he carried out his post-doctoral research in countries like Italy, Austria and Japan. In January of 2004, he was invited to teach, as a youth teacher, at the Math Science Institute of our university. He was awarded the honorable title of “New Star of Science and Technology in Beijing”. In 2006, he was selected “Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University”. In 2008, he became the recipient of the Funds for Youth Teachers in Institutes of Higher Learning from the 11th Session of Huo Yingdong Foundation. Prof. Li has carried his long-term studies in the math theories of non-linear partial differential equation with the emphasis on compressible fluids equation and the well-posedness and asymptotic behavior of the solution to Kinetic equation. Professor Li has made multiple meaningful achievements in such areas as the vacuum problem and free boundary problem of the compressible Navier -Stokes equation, the well-posedness and stability of the compressible Euler -Poisson equation as well as the spectral theory and asymptotic behavior of dynamics equations, which has produced positive impact on related problems. Because of this, he has been spoken up by experts at home and abroad.