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Fang Fuquan2015-06-26

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Fang Fuquan

Fuquan Fang is one of the leading mathematicians in the fields of geometry and topology. After received his PhD at Jilin University, he went to Nankai University as a postdoctoral fellow, and later on became a permanent member in Chern’s Institute of Mathematics, as a named professor, Chang Jiang Scholar until 2005. Then he moved to the Capital Normal University in Beijing until now as a Distinguished Professor. 


Fuquan Fang has been honored by a number of prestigious recognitions in China and abroad. He was an invited speaker in the International Congress of Mathematicians in Seoul. He is the leader of the Innovative Research Team “Geometric Analysis” from Ministry of Education. He was awarded the National prize for Sciences in 2014. He was named as the leading talent of the “Ten Thousand Talent Project”, a project by the central government. Fuquan Fang was awarded the “Outstanding Young Scholar prize” in 1998 by the “Qiu Shi Foundation of Science & Technology” (from HongKong), and was a PI for the project “Outstanding Youth Funds” from the National Science Foundation” since 1999. 


Fuquan Fang’s mathematical works focus on geometry and topology of manifolds. He had made influential contributions on Low-dimensional Topology, Riemannian Geometry and Geometric Analysis. In his very earlier career, Fang solved a long-standing open problem left by A.Haefliger on “Smooth embeddings of 4-manifolds in ”. Joint with X. Rong, Fang obtained the “ finiteness theorem for manifolds with positive pinched sectional curvature” (independently by Petrunin-Tuschmann).