Zhang Jie2015-06-26

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Mr. Zhang is an Academician of the following 5 academies of sciences: Chinese Academy of Sciences, German Academy of Sciences, the Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), the British Royal Academy of Engineering, of which Mr. Zhang serves as a foreign Academicians, and American Academy of Sciences, of which Mr. Zhang serves as a foreign Academician. Mr. Zhang got this doctorate in 1988. Between 1989 and 1998, he worked at the internationally famous universities like Oxford University of Britain and other institutions of science research. Since 1999, Mr. Zhang has been holding the titles like a researcher at the Institute of Physics Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dean of the Key Lab for Optical Physics and deputy director of the Research Institute. In 2003, Mr. Zhang was appointed as Commissioner of the Bureau of Basic Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. And he has been the President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University since his appointment in 2006. With a very high academic status, Mr. Zhang is internationally renowned in the areas of research of X-ray laser beam and strong-field Physics. He has published over 200 academic papers in international journals like Science. Because of his academic achievements, he has been awarded the Physics Award of TWAS, the prize for outstanding technological achievements by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a second prize for National Natural Sciences, the prize of Science and Technology by He Liang and He Li, “Asian Achievement Prize” of the Chinese Physical Society in the world, the prize for Chinese Youth Scientists, the prize for Hong Kong’s prominent “Qiu Shi” youth scholars, the physics prize of Rao Yutai of the Chinese Society of Physics, and Optics Prize of Wang Daheng of the Chinese Optical Society.