Kuang Tingyun2015-06-26

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Born in 1934, Ms. Kuang, a researcher, is an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and director of Botanical Society of China.

Since the 1960’s, she has been engaged in the research of photosynthesis. After making systematic and creative achievements in her domain of photosynthesis, photosynthetic membrane, chlorophyll protein complexes and their function, she has published over 400 academic papers at home and abroad. Having been awarded so many prizes such as a second prize for the National Natural Science Awards, the progressive award from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the award for the natural sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, she has been selected as one of the middle-aged and youth experts who have made outstanding achievements in the country.

Graduated from the Soil Agrochemical Department of the Agricultural University of Beijing in 1956, Ms. Kuang got her deputy doctorate at the Biological Soil Department of the University of Moscow of the former Soviet Union in 1962. As a visiting scholar at the Botanic Lab of Michigan State University of the USA between the years of 1981 and 1982, she was conferred the certificate of “the Outstanding Visiting Scholar of Research” at the university. Ms. Kuang, the Academician, is one of the chief scientists for “the mechanism of the efficient conversion of light energy of photosynthesis and its application in agriculture”-one of the (973) programs of the nation for the development of important fundamental/basic research.