Meng Fanhua

Vice President of CNU

Born in May of 1963 in Shandong, Mr. Meng, a member of the CPC, is a professor and PhD instructor. He got his PhD after his graduation from his major in Education Economy and Management in the Institute of Education Management of Beijing Normal University.

His major social titles include part-time professor and PhD instructor at the Institute of Education Management of Beijing Normal University; member of the strategic Group of the Ministry of Education for “Outline for the Nation’s Medium and Long Term Reform and Development of Education”; member of the research group on teachers’ education creativity by the Ministry of Education; member of the academic specialties group on the nation’s education science; and member of the editing committee of Duplication of News Journals from the People’s Congress (education science).

In 2004, Mr. Meng was selected the nation’s nominee “for one of the new millennium’s millions of talents”. In 2005, he got special subsidies from the State Council. He has won one first-rate award and one secondary award for his excellent achievements in philosophical social sciences from both the province and the ministry. And he has been awarded the prize for the nation’s education books.

He is mostly devoted to the studies of education economy and its management as well as teacher’s education. He has been in charge of 6 projects on the national, provincial and ministerial levels on the reshuffling of school organizations in a co-operative way. He has published 6 specialized books such as A New Discussion on Educational Management Decisions – A Systematic Analysis of Decisions by Educational Organizations and A New Concept on International Education, etc. He has published over 80 academic papers, most of which have been entirely republished in the New China Digest.