Miao Jinxiang

Deputy Secretary of the CPC of CNU

Born in January of 1973 in Fengyang County of Anhui, Mr. Miu, a member of the CPC, has a diploma of Master of Philosophy after going through graduate studies and he is now a research in his major. He is now studying as a PhD graduate student at the Law School of Peking University.

 He was admitted into the Department of Philosophy of Peking University in 1992. He went through military training at the Army Academy of Shijiazhuang between September of 1991 and July of 1992. Graduated as an undergraduate in the Department of Philosophy in July of 1996, he was conferred the diploma of Master of Philosophy of Peking University in 2000. He has served at different posts at different periods of time like a student leader at Peking University, deputy director at the Employment Center for the University Graduates, deputy director of the service center for employment advice, deputy director and executive deputy director and director of the President Office of the CPC of Peking University. Mr. Miu was appointed as the deputy Secretary General of Peking University in July of 2010. In April of 2011, he was appointed Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee at CNU.