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Beijing Normal College was founded in 1954. The Department of Philosophy of the People’s University of North China and its Department of Political Science were merged into Beijing Normal College in 1960. In 1962, the Fine Arts Normal College for Workers and Farmers in Beijing and the Normal College of Physical Education in Beijing were incorporated into Beijing Normal College. The year of 1964 witnessed the incorporation of Arts Normal College in Beijing and Beijing’s Teachers’ School into Beijing Normal College. In 1979, the Department of Physical Education of Beijing Normal College backed out, resulting in the restoration of the Normal College of Physical Education in Beijing.

The year of 1978 saw the founding of college divisions of Foreign Languages Institute of Beijing, Beijing Languages College and Beijing Normal College. After the combination of the 3 institutions of Beijing Foreign Languages School, the Division of Beijing Foreign Languages Institute and Beijing Languages College, the new entity was renamed Division of Beijing Foreign Languages Institute. In 1985, the Division of Beijing Foreign Languages College was combined into Beijing Union University and it was named the Foreign Languages College of Beijing Union University. In 1992, the Division of Beijing Normal College was merged into Beijing Normal College and Beijing Normal College was formally named “Capital Normal University”.

In 1993, the Foreign Languages Institute of Beijing Union University was incorporated into Capital Normal University. Back in 1905, Tongxian County Teachers’ School was founded. In 1999, Tongzhou Prefecture Teachers’ School (formerly known as Tongxian County Teachers’ School) and the 3rd Teachers’ School of Beijing were merged into Capital Normal University. In 2011, the Teachers’ School for Children of Beijing was combined into Capital Normal University, which has been an impressive institution of higher learning co-sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Beijing Municipality.