Professor Qiu Yunhua Was Appointed as Chief Expert of the Academy of International and Regional Studies of CNU

On the afternoon of May 11, Professor Qiu Yunhua was appointed as chief expert at an inauguration ceremony held by the Academy of International and Regional Studies of CNU in North Area 1. Vice Chairman of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), former Executive Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of China Association for Promoting Democracy, and former President of CNU Liu Xinchen, and Party Secretary of CNU Meng Fanhua attended the ceremony. Other attendees included the staff of the Academy of International and Regional Studies. The ceremony was presided over by Executive Deputy Dean of the Graduate School of CNU Liang Zhanjun.

Meng Fanhua first announced CNU’s decision to appoint Professor Qiu Yunhua as chief expert. The signing ceremony for Professor Qiu Yunhua was held on May 5 and attended by Liu Xinchen, Meng Fanhua, President of CNU Fang Fuquan and Deputy Party Secretary of CNU Lei Xingshan. Professor Qiu Yunhua is an excellent talent trained by CNU. He once served as Dean of the School of Literature, Director of the Human Resources Office, Assistant to the President, and Vice President of CNU. In 2016, he was transferred to China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and served as Secretary of the Party Group and Resident Vice Chairman of Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association. He is currently member of the 14th CPPCC National Committee. Meng Fanhua expressed CNU’s warm welcome to Professor Qiu Yunhua and hopes that he will lead the Academy of International and Regional Studies in designing first-level programs for international and regional studies and coordinating different teams. The Academy of International and Regional Studies is a crucial part of CNU’s “Climbing Plan”. It should make itself a brand of CNU in line with high standards and strict requirements by seizing the opportunity for breakthrough development.

“I had worked at CNU for 17 years, when I always benefited from CNU’s remarkable development in humanities and arts. I feel extremely honored to work here again at CNU’s invitation,” said Professor Qiu Yunhua. The road ahead for the Academy of International and Regional Studies of CNU is challenging, but he will do his best to build it into a top academy of international and regional studies with his colleagues.

Liu Xinchen gave a concluding speech. He affirmed Professor Qiu Yunhua’s abilities, experience and research perspectives. His appointment as chief expert will significantly drive the development of the Academy of International and Regional Studies in terms of both administrative management and research. CNU pays special attention to the construction of the academy so as to better support the CPC and China. CNU’s “Talent Special Zone Policy” will vigorously promote the development of the academy. He hopes that the staff of the academy can strive to create “China’s Balkanology” and build the academy into one with international influence by holding high aspirations and fearing no hardships.

(May 16, 2023)