CNU holds the “History and Folk–Seminar on Chinese Ritual Music”2016-10-25

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From October 14 to October 17, CNU held the “History and Folk–Seminar on Chinese Ritual Music”. The seminar was jointly conducted by the Research Institution of Music under the Chinese National Academy of Arts, the Theoretical Committee of Chinese Musicians Association, Beijing Research and Communication Base for Folk Music, Musicology in China , and the College of Music. About a hundred academicians of music from universities and research institutions, such as the National Tsing Hua University attended the seminar.


CNU Vice President Zhou Jianshe, Executive Director of the Chinese National Academy of Arts, Lv Pintian and the Vice President of Chinese Musicians Association, Professor Zhao Tarim spoke at the occasion.


The seminar had 7 parts, including keynote speeches, reports, reviews, with topics ranging from religious music, regional social music, ritual music of minority ethnic groups and cultural ecology. There were submissions of papers followed by reports about ritual music by 3 teachers from the College of Music.