CNU Holds The 2016 National Model Teacher Report Conference —the First Event to Celebrate the 32nd Teachers’ Day2016-09-08

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On September 6, CNU held ‘The 2016 National Model Teacher Report Conference’. The Deputy Director of the Department of Teacher Education, Ministry of Education, Yin Changchun, Party Secretary of CNU, Zheng E, and the Deputy Party Secretary of the CNU, Xu Zhihong were present. Attendees also included leaders from the Department of Teachers’ Education, various departments and offices of the CNU, teachers, counselors and student representatives of the CNU. The audience for this report was formed by about 50 secretaries and principals from ‘CNU 2016 Principal Training Class’- a training project of the Ministry of Education for principals from rural areas,. They were from 12 provinces and autonomous regions. The conference was presided over by Xu Zhihong.  


Those model teachers delivered reports at the conference.


Yin Changchun spoke highly of them and appreciated CNU for the well-organized event.


Zheng E summarized it and brought out some expectations for the CNU teachers and students.