CNU Achieving Success at the Finals of the 12th Grand Contest of Sand Table Simulated Operation Contest Named “Seentao Cup” for National University Students2016-07-01

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Between June 25 and 26, the 12th grand contest was held in the classroom of Virtual Simulation Intelligence of the Internship Center of Business and Law, Beijing Technology and Business University, in the name of “Seentao Cup”, a sand table simulated operation contest for national university students. CNU won the first group prize and the first individual prize. Awarded the 3rd place the the Beijing finals, CNU was promoted to enter the national finals. This the first contest of this kind CNU has participated in.


The “Seentao Cup” simulation contest with sand table has drawn great attention and it has a huge impact among university students throughout the country. The event centered around the theme of “future dreams will be set off with innovative business start-ups”, was guided by the Municipal Education Commission, Higher Financial and Economic Branch of China Higher Education Association, Business Committee of Chinese Society of Vocational and Technical Education, and Seentao. Hosted by Beijing Technology and Business University, the contest used the electronic sand tables for new ways and new commercial combats. A total number of 27 teams participated in the contest from such colleges and universities as Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing Technology and Business University, and Capital University of Economics and Business.