College of History Co-sponsoring the 5th Re-evaluation of Traditional Economy and an Academic Research Forum on a Society to Encourage its People to be Rich2016-06-30

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From June 25 to 26, the 5th re-evaluation of traditional Chinese economy and an academic research forum on a society to encourage its people to be rich was held in Beijing. This was an event co-sponsored by the College of History of CNU, the College of History of Beijing Normal University, the journal office of Research on Chinese History, Research Institute of the Economic History of China of Yunnan University and the Research Institute of Asian Civilization of Northeast Normal University. The opening ceremony was chaired by Prof. Li Huarui of CNU, a “Changjiang Scholar” of the Ministry of Education.


The event was attended and its significance was addressed by such professors as Prof. Lin Wenxun, President of Yunnan University, Chief Editor Peng Wei of the journal office of Research of Chinese History, Prof. Ning Xin from College of History of Beijing Normal University, Prof. Zhao Yifeng from the Research Institute of Asian Civilization of Northeast Normal University, Professor and President Gong Huili of CNU, and Prof. Hao Chunwen, Dean of the College of History of CNU. Gong Huili pointed out that the meeting was one collision between “old topics” and “”new theories” in “the new era”, which will broaden the vision of the research of the history of traditional economy, further address issues in the study of the history of traditional economy so as to prompt the development of traditional economy in China.


At the forum, 39 specialists and scholars from various colleges and universities, research and academic institutions in China and from overseas probed into relevant topics such as non-economic factors in traditional Chinese economy, agro-commercial society, society intended to make its citizens wealthy and traditional societies from dynasties of Qin to Qing from the four aspects of “theoretical probe”, “power of the nation”, “regional industries” and “social groups”.


During the stage of free discussion, the participating specialists addressed such issues as regional markets and foreign trade, roles of the state power in economy and social qualities from the dynasties of Qin to Qing.


The participating experts think it is a brand new innovation for such concepts as “a society to make its people wealthy” and ‘agro-commercial society” to be integrated into the framework of “re-assessment of traditional Chinese economy” and for new vision to be combine with tradition. It was pointed out that people did not elaborate on “the budding of capitalism”. And they think that “the re-evaluation of traditional economy” should be used to address issues like stablemate and growth of traditional economy. And they think that much needed attention should be paid to factors such as politics and military in the process of economic growth.


A comparison of characteristics of this with the previous four meetings was made and a decision was announced to hold the next forum at Xiamen University.