A Forum Held on Educational Strategic Co-operation Between CNU and Xibaipo Administrative Bureau and People’s Government of Pingshan County2016-06-28

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On June 28, CNU held a meeting on educational strategic co-operation between CNU and Xibaipo Administrative Bureau and People’s Government of Pingshan County. Vice President He Yikun and some other administrators attended the event.


Vice President He Yikun briefed on the practice of educational strategic co-operation between CNU and Pingshan County of Hebei Province. He elaborated on the training of top teachers, further advanced studies for on-the-job teachers, the construction of internship bases for graduate students, the construction of social internship bases for young teachers and the construction of the Party’s education bases.


Deputy County Magistrate Li Xiujuan, after introducing the role model internship base for CNU’s graduate students and top entrance exam scores achieved by candidates from Guyue High School, expressed her thanks for what CNU had done and contributed in the educational co-operation, and she also wished that further regional co-operation could be enacted between Xibaipo Administrative Bureau, People’s Government of Pingshan County and CNU. She hopes that CNU can continue its efforts in targeted educational poverty-relief and in stopping poverty from passion from generation to generation. In addition, she hopes that co-operation can be stepped up in aspects like the Party’s education, ecological construction and exploration of resources.


Some administrators from the College of Primary Education suggested that remote educational resources should be tapped into to lower training costs and improve the efficiency in the training of teachers. By combining the successful experience of backing up dancing education in the region of North Sichuan, administrators from the College of Music suggested that dancing education in Pingshan County should be strengthened so as to achieve marketization of box office by prompting local folk art forms into artistic platform of public performance.