CNU Qinglan Alumni Band Established and Graduation Season Concert Held2016-06-27

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On June 19, CNU Qinglan Alumni Band held a special concert on “Dreams?Continue”. The concert was attended by Party Secretary Zheng E and President Gong Huili. Present at the concert were Mr. Wang Hesheng, national first-class composer, administrators from NO.35 High School of Beijing, Alumni of the past, and parents of the band. The concert was conducted by Li Xuan, teacher and master of Jinfan Band from Yuying School of Beijing and 2003 Alumnus from the College of Resources Environment and Tourism.


Zheng E did the unveiling for the founding of Qinglan Alumni Band and Gong Huili handed out letters of invitation to the Band representatives for teachers who are devoted to musical art and providing guidance.


The Band was set up with support from the league Committee and Alumni. Its members are teachers from various high and elementary schools, kindergartens, businesses and enterprises.