Graduation and Degree Awarding Ceremony Held at CNU for 2016 Undergraduate Students2016-06-23

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A graduation and degree awarding event was held at CNU for Class of 2016 undergraduate students. Graduates were given degrees by participating administrators such as Party Secretary Zheng E, President Gong Huili, Secretary Li Zhongqi for Disciplinary Committee, Vice President Zhou Jianshe, Meng Fanhua, and Li Youzheng as well as leaders from relevant departments like College of Liberal Arts, College of Information Engineering, Department of Physics, Department of Chemistry, College of Elementary Education, Department of Educational Technology and College of International Culture. Present at the event were leaders from relevant colleges and departments, representatives of teachers, representatives of Alumni, representatives of parents and over 2,600 undergraduate students. The ceremony was chaired by Vice President Meng Fanhua.


A total number of 2285 undergraduate students of 2016 got their bachelors’ degrees.


Gong Huili spoke at the event, where he raised four expectations for undergraduate students: firstly, he hopes that the graduates should be grateful to those who have helped us like our parents, teachers and fellow students and regard gratitude as our habitual responsibilities; secondly, he hopes that graduates should develop a habit of studying so as to improve their reading, writing and logical thinking; thirdly, he hopes that graduates should develop independence and free thinking by developing a habit of thinking; fourthly and lastly, he hopes that graduates should develop a habit of maintaining kindness, keeping kindness and dreams deep down to have firm belief in what life offers each and every one of us.