Graduation and Degree Awarding Ceremony for 2016 Graduate Student2016-06-23

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CNU held the graduation and degree awarding ceremony for the Class of 2016 on June 21. The event was attended and graduates were granted degrees by participating administrators such as Party Secretary Zheng E, President Gong Huili, Secretary Li Zhongqi of Disciplinary Committee, and Vice President Zhou Jianshe, He Yikun, Meng Fanhua, Qiu Yunhua and Li Youzeng. Over 2,200 people attended the event such as leaders from relevant departments, representatives of academic advisors, all graduate students and representatives of families and friends. The ceremony was chaired by Vice President He Yikun.


A total of 1983 graduates got their doctoral and master’s degrees.


President Gong Huili made a speech at the event where he gave three phrases to the graduates as mutual encouragement: firstly, gratitude and responsibilities—he hopes that students should be grateful to all who have helped us like our parents and teachers; secondly, ideal and perseverance—he hopes that students must not deviate from their original goals and intentions; thirdly, modesty and respect—he hopes that students should strive to be good people, graceful and respectful.