A Ribbon-Cutting Event Held at CNU for Ouyang Zhongshi’s Handwriting Show of Ancient Chinese Virtues and Maxims2016-06-21

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On June 20, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at CNU for Ouyang Zhongshi’s calligraphy show of ancient Chinese birtues and maxims. The event was attended by Party Secretary Zheng E, President Gong Huili, Party Secretary of Disciplinary Committee Li Zhongqi, and Vice President Zhou Jianshe and Li Youzeng. Some leaders from related departments and representatives of teachers and students also attended the ceremony, which was chaired by Deputy Party Secretary Xu Zhihong.


Gong Huili made a speech on behalf of CNU. He said that Mr. Ouyang Zhongshi has been consistently displaying the Chinese traditional virtues and has been actively involved in advocating the core values of Chinese socialism. By focusing the following concepts as themes of “Integrity Conciousness”, “Moral Character Building”, “Concordance”, “Country Rejuvenation” and “Great Harmony”, Mr. Ouyang has over 60 pieces of works of calligraphy out of ancient maxims of Chinese virtues from ancient books of Chinese history and culture. In September of 2014, Ouyang’s calligraphy in ancient maxims of Chinese virtues was on show at National Museum of China, resulting in stupendous feedback and tons of compliment, a well-known combination of the appreciation of the art of Chinese calligraphy with the ethical education of Chinese tradition. The discipline of calligraphic science of CNU has come first in many aspects: a) first of its kind in the setting-up of doctoral authorization point in the science of calligraphy; b)first of its kind in the setting of post-doctoral mobile station in the research of science of calligraphy; c)first internship base for the training of teachers in calligraphy under the Ministry of Education; d)first one to treat Chinese calligraphy as the unique national key construction discipline; and e)the first key principle at provincial and ministerial levels. Meanwhile master’s programs have been made available to the public in various training seminars at “Hongwen Academy”.


The participating administrators gave the 2016 excellent graduates as a gift books of Ancient Maxims of Chinese Virtues planned by Mr. Ouyang and complied at the university.


Zheng E announced the start of the show of Mr. Ouyang Zhongshi’s calligraphy in ancient maxims of Chinese virtues.


The ceremony was reported by mass media such as Beijing TV, China Science Daily, and China Education Daily.