Academician & Mathematician Zhang Gongqing Delivers His Report at CNU2016-06-16

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On June 14, Zhang Gongqing, mathematician fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician of The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World and Professor of Peking University came to CNU and delivered his report entitled Beauty of Mathematics. Freshmen of Class of 2015 from the College of Math Science attended the event.


Academician Zhang Gongqing introduced mathematics from two perspectives of “number” and “shape”. He pointed out that math is a scientific language, a tool for multiple disciplines, the core of new technology and the pioneer for man’s exploration. Math is a discipline of science, and an abstract but rigorous ideological system. He shared with the attendees “Beauty of Symmetry”, “Beauty of Brevity”, “Beauty of Abstract”, “Beauty of Essence” and “Beauty of Unity”.