An Awarding Ceremony Held at Conservatory of Music for the 3rd “College Cup” Contest in Expertise of Students2016-06-15

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An awarding ceremony was held on June 7 at the Conservatory of Music for the 3rd“College Cup” Contest in students’ expertise as well as a subsequent concert held for the winners. Among those who had attended the event were Director of Dean’s Office, Fang Min, administrators from the Conservatory, members of Teaching Guidance Committee, deans and deputy deans of departments as well as some of the teachers. Awarded were given to the winners at the event and prize winners performed on the occasion.


After the preliminary, semifinals and finals, a total of 51 contestants became winners, of whom 14 participants were awarded the prize for comprehensive teaching skills, 37 people were single-item winners covering fields of vocal music, piano, instruments, dancing, conducting and musical composition.