Some Research Achievements of a Professor from the College of Math Science are Published on Line in One of the International Top Math Journals2016-06-07

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Recently, the collaborative papers, Regularity of Kaehler-Ricci flows on Fano manifolds, by Prof. Zhang Zhenlei from the College of Math Science and Academician Tian Gang from Peking University and Princeton University were published on line in Acta Mathematica (Issue 1 of 20016), one of the international top-notch math journals.


Universally acknowledged as one of the four top-notched math journals in the world, Acta Mathematica is published by Mittag-Leffler Research Institute of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, which aims at publishing research papers of the highest quality in all domains of maths at the rate of 4 issues in 2 volumes annually with a total of over a dozens of papers.


The papers have solved the problem of Regularity of Kaehler-Ricci Flows on Fano manifolds and proved, under low-diamensional situation, Hamilton-Tian Gang guesses that have puzzled the world for over two decades. An analytical tool has been applied with Ricci flows to prove the guess of Qiu Chengtong-Tian Gang-Donaldson to offer a new evidence for the guess in three dimensional Fano flows.