Expert Argumentation Held at CNU About Master’s Degree Authorization Point (Self-setting) for Secondary Disciplines of “School Psychology”2016-06-02

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On May 31, an expert argumentation was held at CNU about master’s degree authorization point (self-setting) for secondary disciplines of “School Psychology”. Present at the argumentation were Vice President Qiu Yunhua, and Lin Chongde, Professor of Beijing Normal University, ex-board Chairman of the Chinese Psychological Society and the Chairman of the Expert Committee. Also present at the meeting were experts from institutions such as Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and administrators, specialists, some teachers and graduate students from the College of Education.


After expressing his welcome and thanks to all the participating experts at the meeting, Qiu Yunhua briefed them on its start-up and preparation of the secondary discipline of “School Psychology” application by CNU.


The expert argumentation was handled by Professor Lin Chongde and application narratives were made by relevant parties on 4 aspects such as connotation and characteristics of the discipline, necessity of its setting-up, feasibility of its construction, and development outlook. Professor Lin Chongde got the experts into a discussion. All the experts unanimously agreed on CNU’s practice of self-setting up of secondary disciplines like “School Psychology” under the primary disciplines of the Science of Psychology. They think that the setting up pf the discipline shows a close attention to the hook-up of psychology with primary education. They think that in the actual scenario of education, the psychology, health, and daily routine of the children are coherent with the actual needs of healthy growth of the teachers’ psychology. The experts have unanimously agreed on the school’s decision to file for the master’s degree authorization point for secondary disciplines such as “School Psychology” and they have made suggestions about issues like the curriculum and combination of practice with theory.


After the meeting, the application materials and ideas of the experts have been sent to the academic degree panel for final approval.