Party Secretary Zheng E and Her Entourage Makes a Survey Tour to Beijing Normal University2016-06-01

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On May 30, Party Secretary Zheng E and her entourage made a survey trip to Beijing Normal University to make a survey on the 13th five-year-plan, Party’s construction and political ideology. She was also accompanied by administrators of related departments, such as Deputy Party Secretary Xu Zhihong, Secretary of Disciplinary Committee of CNU, Li Zhongqi. Also present at the meeting were administrators from Beijing Normal University like Party Secretary Liu Chuansheng, Vice President Hao Fanghua, member of the Party Standing Committee, Deputy Party Secretary Liu Li, also Party Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, Deputy Party Secretary Li Xiaobing and leaders from related departments.


At the symposium, Liu Chuansheng extended warm welcome to Zheng E and her group. She filled her guests in status quo of reform and development of Beijing Normal University and complimented CNU on the contribution it has made over the years to the economic and social development of the capital city. She hopes that both universities will further strengthen their mutual exchange for future development by learning from each other. Hao Fanghua briefed the guests on overall organization status of Beijing Normal University fro the 13th 5-year-plan in such aspects as organization-planning mentality, planning process, major plans, index systmen and organization assurance. Liu Li gave an account of publicity and political ideology. Li Xiaobing described the construction of the Party and work of the cadre.


Zheng E briefed her counterparts on the overall situation of staffing for the 13th 5-year-paln of CNU and her purpose of the survey trip. She pointed out that her host university is a very good role model that has achieved great success in many fields such as the broadening of global vision, planning and construction of disciplines, cross-disciplinary input, building of teaching staff and analytical methods. She hopes that all units and departments of CNU should strengthen ties with their counterparts to make CNU grow healthy and steady.


Both parties have exchanged such issues as management of research funds, brand innovation in Party’s building, construction of grass-roots Party branches, and ideological responsibilities of colleges and universities.


During her visist, Zheng E and the group made a special trip to the host’s Museum of History of Beijing Normal University.