Project-Initiating Meeting Held at the Institute for Cultural Studies About Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Ordinance in Beijing2016-05-25

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On May 18, a project-initiating meeting was organized and held by the Institute for Cultural Studies about Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Ordinance in Beijing. Present at the meeting were leaders from Cultural Bureau of Beijing Municipality and Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center, specialists and scholars of the project. The meeting was chaired by Tao Dongfeng, Deputy Executive Dean of the Institute.


A briefing was given on the background of the project, its preparation and research plans. Members of the expert group made their arguments and offered some suggestions.


Mr. Liu Xincheng, Deputy Commissioner of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Beijing and Dean of the Institute, pointed out in his summary that the legislative task must be looked at from a bigger picture of cultural construction. It must play an active role in the cultural development of Beijing and in carrying on the entire cultural heritage. The ordinance must be studies and worked out at high standards.